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Christian M. Stracke

University of Duisburg-Essen
International and European Coordinator and Team Leader for Open Education, Learning Innovations and Learning Quality
Europe (and working globally)
Prof. (KR) Christian M. Stracke is Adjunct Professor at the Korea National Open University (KNOU) in Seoul and Assistant Professor, Coordinator of European and international research projects and Team Leader at the University of Duisburg-Essen. As an internationally recognized senior researcher his main working fields are innovative and technology-enhanced learning, impact measurement and competence modelling as well as quality management, evaluation and standardisation in these fields. He is elected officer at the international (ISO-Convener for SC36) and European (Chair of CEN/TC 353) Standardisation Committees for LET.
He has published numerous articles and book chapters, is an invited speaker and PC member at many international conferences and established the annual LINQ conferences on Learning Innovations and Quality. Christian M. Stracke has studied educational sciences and gained extensive experience in leading large scale projects and in consulting and supporting institutions and public authorities to develop long-term policies and to implement and improve learning innovations and quality. Many research projects were coordinated and supervised as quality manager by him including Q.E.D. (budget: 4.0 Mio Euros) and ODS (15.3 Mio Euros) as two of the biggest e-Learning projects next to many other obtained European research and development projects funded by the EC (amongst them: ARISTOTELE, AGRICOM, WACOM, eCOTOOL, VOA3R, COMPAT, SIMBASE, OERTest, OPAL, CEN eLearning Quality, TRIANGLE, EQO, eACCESS). He is also initiator and Conference Chair of the annual LINQ conference, the leading European conference for Learning Innovation and Learning Quality (www.learning-innovations.eu). He is editor and author of many books, articles, and standards on learning innovations and quality (latest publication: Stracke, C.M. (2012): The Future of Learning Innovations and Learning Quality. Berlin: Gito. ISBN: 978-3-942183-86-4).